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Is a revolution possible?
To what extent one must obey?
How much violence are you willing to

Turba is a stage play between documentary and fiction that revolves around the revolutionary phenomenon.

De desire of Turba is to generate questions, mobilize the interior of the spectator and try to promote a collective thought in times of social distance.

Collective creation by
Mos Maiorum (Mariona Naudin, Ireneu Tranis and Alba Valldaura), with Nicolas Chevallier, María
García Vera, Clàudia Vilà and Guillem Llotje
Artistic coordination
Guillem Llotje and Mariona Naudin
Nicolas Chevallier
Set designer
Clàudia Vilà Peremiquel
Tecnical coordination
Carles Borràs
Light design
Dani Miracle

Sound design
Guillem Llotje
Costume design
Joana Martí
External view
Maria García Vera and Mònica Almirall


Pau Carratalà
Executive production
Haizea Arrizabalaga and Aixa González
Mery De Lorenzi
Mos Maiorum, Teatre Lliure and
Festival Temporada Alta

With the support of
Graner - Centre de creació de dansa i arts vives, Teatre Principal de Terrassa and OSIC - Generalitat de Catalunya
With the collaboration of
l’INS Vila de Gràcia and Esbart Ciutat Comtal
Special thanks
Gonçal Mayos, Núria
Solanas i Lacera and all the Turbàtics

Work in progress 2019

Final show (premiere)

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