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Artistic Team

  • Creators/actors: Ireneu Tranis, Alba Valldaura and Mariona Naudin

  • Dramaturgy: Marc Villanueva Mir

  • External eye: Mònica Almirall

  • Stage designer: Clàudia Vilà

  • Video: Ventura López Kalász

  • Light design: Pol Queralt

  • Soun design: Guillem Llotje

  • Costume designer: Adriana Parra

  • Fotographer: Roger Rossell

  • Producer: Pau Gómez

  • Comunication: COSMICA / Anna Aurich i Sònia González

  • Coproducers: Grec 2018 Festival de Barcelona i Mos Maiorum

  • Partners: La Poderosa, Fabra i Coats, L’Estruch-Ajuntament de Sabadell.



Gentrification, the process by which the neighborhood's original inhabitants end up being expelled because of the area's revaluation, is explained by a set of real testimonies reproduced on the scene with the utmost fidelity.

A few years ago, few people knew what gentrification meant. Today, many Barcelona inhabitants have experienced the consequences of it. Certain areas of the city become fashionable, so the neighbors are expelled and replaced by well-off classes.


How to bring this situation on stage? Mos Maiorum does it applying the technique known as Verbatim, in which authentic testimonies are reproduced, with all the errors, doubts and hesitations of real life. This time they repeat the same technique with an scenic device where the audience, with its movements and disposition, acquire symbolic meaning that evokes poetic images, becoming part of the dramaturgy of the show.

Yes, gentrification's impact on the city of Barcelona is the center of the show where there is no lack of references to other similar phenomena that occur in other European cities. A square space with screens on the walls that show diverse and changing landscapes will get the audience immersed in a scenario that hosts a fiction story ... where there is no fiction.


This staging won the Adrià Gual prize in 2017, awarded by the Institut del Teatre of the Diputació de Barcelona for the best staging project.

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